Past Perfect Continuous Tense With Examples


Past Perfect Continuous Tense which is also called the past perfect progressive tense.

Past Perfect Continuous Tense With Examples


Past Perfect Continuous Tense: 

Welcome to this class on the past perfect continuous tense which is also called the past perfect progressive tensePast Perfect Continuous Tense for an action that began before a certain time in the past and continued up to that time.

To Describe an action or event that began in the past and continued to a certain point in the past.

so the past perfect continuous tears is used to talk about something that started in the past and continued in the past but everything is in the past you also know that because it has the word passed in it it’s about the Past.

Past Perfect Continuous Tense Forms:

We use had + been + ing form of the verb.


I had been working.

We had been working.

We/ They had been working.

She/He/Ii had been working.


I had not been working.

We had not been working.

We/ They had not been working.

She/He/It had not been working.


Had I been working?

Had you been working?

Had she/he/ It been working?

Some Variations Use: 

This tense with lots of different variations and different verbs okay so you will feel so much more comfortable actually saying it and using it once we reach the end of it here so repeat after me and try to pay attention to each sound.

I’d been calling

You’d been writing

We’d been cooking

They’d been watching

He’d been studying

She’d been reading

you should know that people might use that form it’s actually used a lot more in the negative form but let’s look at some basic negative forms first so repeat after me again

I hadn’t been checking

You hadn’t been playing

We hadn’t been talking

They hadn’t been going

He hadn’t been attending

Past Perfect Continuous Tense Examples: 

  1. I had been going to college.
  2. I had been eating a mango. 
  3. I had been calling my friends.
  4. I had been asking myself a problem.
  5. He had been constructing a house for a year 
  6. Raju had been working for some months.
  7. Mohan had been studying for an examination. 
  8. She had been writing a letter when she collapsed. 
  9. The children had been playing football for two years when the principal arrived. When her husband came home, the woman had been cleaning the house for hours.
  10. The ground was covered with snow. It had been snowing heavily for several hours.
  11. Had her daughter been eating anything all day?
  12. She had not (hadn’t) been working all day so she was energetic.
  13. I had not (hadn’t) been cooking any meal when she came to my home.
  14. Had he been cooking any meal when she came to my home?
  15. Thomas had been trying to repair the phone the whole day.
  16. They had been a friend since childhood.
  17. Had you been studying English all day?
  18. You had not (hadn’t) been studying English all day.
  19. Alex was out of breath when she arrived at the class because she had been running.
  20. Emma and Matthew had been looking for a country to live in after their wedding when they were married.
  21. Had Chris and Olivia been studying to learn Japanese very well in order to live and work in Japan?
  22. Had Elsa been listening to her songs until she realized that her songs needed to improve?
  23. Had employees been achieving the target before the boss came?
  24. Had he been cooking any meal when she came to my home?
  25. Had he been reading a book?
  26. Had her daughter been eating anything all day?
  27. Had I been playing computer games before they came to my house?
  28. Had she been talking to us for two days?
  29. Had she been waiting for me in the lobby?
  30. Had she been working all day?
  31. Had they been playing football for a month?
  32. Had you been cleaning the house before they came?
  33. Had you been finishing your homework before you went to the store with your family?
  34. Had you been skating when you were younger?
  35. Had you been studying English all day?
  36. Had you been drinking anything before you left?
  37. He had not been coming when you came.
  38. He had not been reading a book.
  39. Helen was out of breath when she came in.
  40. I had been looking for her ring for five days.
  41. I had been sleeping for three hours when my alarm went off.
  42. I had been studying Spanish before I moved to Spain.
  43.  I had been waiting for 45 minutes when the bus finally arrived.
  44. I had been washing the dishes before they came.

I have been teaching for thirty years and I know the people who make it to this stage are winners and you are one of them congratulations really.

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