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English Grammar Preposition: Prepositions in front of nouns or noun phrases pronouns or gerunds to express a relationship between one person. thing, event, etc.


Preposition English Grammar Examples

English Grammar Preposition: We normally use prepositions in front of nouns or noun phrases pronouns or gerunds to express a relationship between one person. thing, event, etc., and another.

e.g. i) preposition + noun: I gave the book to Adil

ii) preposition + pronoun: I gave it to him.

iii) preposition + gerund: Adil devotes his time to reading

Prepositions can be of three types:

  1. Simple Prepositions: by, at for, to, in, etc.[preposition of Time]
  2. Compound Prepositions: between, behind, within, without Inside, outside, etc. [Preposition of Place]
  3. Phrase Prepositions: by means of, according to. In front of, in place of, etc. These are groups of words used with the force of a single preposition. [Preposition of direction]

Use of some prepositions | English Grammar Preposition

(1) About:

I) It is about seven o’clock. (Time)

II) He wrote a book about corruption in high places. (on the

III) I cannot do anything about it now. In connection with)

(2) Above:

(I) There was a fan hanging above his head. (over/higher than)

(II) He spends above his means. (more than)

(3) Across:

(I) My house is across the river. (on the opposite side)

II) The light fell across the street. (from one side to the other)

III)  The film became popular across the country, (in every part of the place)

(4) After:

(I) I will call you after the meeting (following something in time)

II) Aftermath, science is my favorite subject. (following something in a list, etc.)

(5) Against:

I) He is leaning against a wall. (opposition of place)

II) I am against the proposal. (opposition of aim)

6) Along:

i)  The road went along the railway track. (in the same line with)

(ii) He walked along the river’s bank. (in the same line with)

(7) Among :

Distribute the sweets among the children. (in the midst of more than two)

(8) At:

(i) She is not at home now. (place)

(ii) I was there at four o’clock. (time)

(iii) He is very good at Maths. (skillful or successful in a subject, activity, etc.)

(9) Before:

i) She reached the venue before me. (earlier than somebody/something)

ii)  A bleak prospect lies before him. (facing somebody in the future)

iii) A giant stood before him. (in front of)

(10) Behind:

i) I turned to speak to the man behind me. (at or towards the back)

ii) Rohan is always behind the rest of the class in maths. (not as successful as)

(11) Beside :

i) The boy was standing beside his mother. (by the side of) 

ii) His argument was beside the point. (irrelevant)

(12) Besides:

He plays hockey, besides cricket and football. (In addition to)

(13) Between:

He was torn between two options. (in the middle of two)

(14) By:

i) Come and sit by me. (place)

ii) He gets up always by five. (time)

iii) She came by ear. (agency/means)

(15) For:

i) A meeting is arranged for 18th May. (time))

ii) Boll the milk for ten minutes. (duration)

iii) He was sent to jail for murder. (reason/cause)

(iv) She was aiming for a medal. (object or atm)

(16) From:

i) He has come from a small town. (location)

(ii) You can start work from today. (time)

(iii) She is from France. (origin/belonging)

(iv) He walked from one end to the other. (starting point)

(17) In:

(i) He is not in the house. (location)

(ii) He will be fine in a few days. (time)

(iii) There are 12 months in a year. (containing)

(iv) I read it in a book. (at a point within)

(18) Into:

(i) He put his hands into the box. (to a position in)

(ii) Many of his books have been translated into English. (showing a change of state)

(19) Of:

(i) She is a woman of strong will. (quality)

(ii) He published a book of short stories. (contents)

(iii) The shoes are made of leather. (material)

(iv) He joined the tail-end of the queue. (position)

(20) On:

(i) He put the box on the table. (place/surface)

(ii) I plan to leave on Monday. (time)

(iii) He spoke for an hour on the subject. (Concerning)

(21) Over:

(i) Rice is grown all over India. (location)

(ii) The delivery may take over two weeks. (time)

(iii) The plane flew over the mountain. (higher than)

(22) Since :

I haven’t met him since Thursday last. (from some point in past time)

(23) To:

(i) I’m going to the bank. (place)

(ii) It’s only two weeks to your birthday. (time)

(iii) She walked to the booking counter. (direction)

(24) Under:

(i) He put his bag under the table. (position below)

(ii) She studies the creatures living underwater. (below the surface)

(25) Up:

(i) Suddenly, a lizard ran up the wall. (to a higher position)

(ii) Her office is just up those stairs. (in a higher position)

(26) With :

(i) The girl is in the kitchen with her mother. (in the company)

(ii) He was shot with a pistol. (instrument/method)

(iii) He has been down with a fever. (cause)

(iv) She saw a man with a long beard. (having/possessing)

(v) They came with lethal weapons, (carrying)

English Grammar exercises prepositions with answers

i) At 9 O’clock.

ii) At an early date.

iii) On 9th March. 

iv) On Friday. 

v) In the evening. In the spring. In the last Month

vi) Since yesterday. Since twelve in the afternoon

vii) He will go to America by tomorrow’s flight

viii) For three months. For Six years. for two Hours

ix) From, 1st June.  From 7th March.

x) I will Come back within a Week.  

xi) During the rainy season. 

xii) He is in Japan. 

xiii) He was born at Nilwande in Sangamner Taluka

Exercises prepositions with answers

  1. The airplane files above the Cloud 
  2. Sachin hot the ball over the boundary for a six
  3. There is competition between Ramesh and Mohan.
  4. He was sitting among the learned men. 
  5. The Book is under the table. 
  6. The earth is below the sky. 
  7. He goes to Mumbai by bus. 
  8. Gopal went to School. 
  9. He rushed towards the loud noise. 
  10. The Goat put its front feet against the side of the wall. 

Prepositions Exercises

The following exercises will help you gain a greater understanding of how prepositions work. Choose the best answer to complete each sentence.
1. The bone was _______ the dog.
a. About
b. For
c. After
d. Considering

Answer: b. The bone was for the dog.

2. We are going on vacation _______ Jun.
a. On
b. At
c. In
d. Since

Answer: c. We are going on vacation in Jun.

3. Please put the vase ________ the table.
a. In
b. On
c. For
d. Over

Answer: b. Please put the vase on the table.
4. I received a present ________ Delhi.
a. From
b. Of
c. By
d. About

Answer: a. I received a present from Delhi.
5. School begins ________ Tuesday.
a. In
b. On
c. From
d. Since

Answer: b. School begins on Tuesday.

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