• Techniques of SEO

    There are two techniques of SEO. These are classified into two broad categories: 1. White Hat SEO: Techniques that search engines recommends as a part ...

    SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. SEO is useful in increasing the number of visitors to a website. We will see the type of SEO. ...
  • Forms Controls in HTML5 | HTML Form Elements

    Form controls | Elements: A form is a collection of different elements also called as controls like textbox, radio button, checkbox, submit button and many ...
  • Forms in HTML5 | Forms Example

    Forms in HTML5: Forms used to accept user input. Forms in HTML is used to accept user input. The form in html is created by ...
  • HTML5 11th Practical | Solved Program

    HTML5 11th Practical  Solved Program Practical 3 Write a program using HTML with the following specifications. The background colour should be green. The text colour ...


Search Engine Optimisation

Techniques of SEO

Techniques of SEO

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